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  Machines for Spark Point Hooks



    As a professional manufacturer for fishing hook machines, for a long time, we have successfully developed the machines for the producton of spark point hooks.


Top hook and perfect tip derives from:


¨Straightening and cutting machine in a combination of safety, aesthetics and adjustment;

¨Mature technology of wet grinding for tips, no dust and not burnt;

¨Specially designed cutting (fixed length), the tips will not be touched, scratched and hurt;

¨Hook forming machine with high precision, there is not any shake when the wires enter into the station;

¨Rich materials and process details of imported special cutting head, grinding wheels, etc


    We provide the service for customization of special hook types. All the single hooks with special type, after straightening, cutting, grinding and dividing, will be finished by the forming machine at once to achieve the consistency. For the details, pls check the following picture.


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